HubSpot can be complicated. As a first timer who’s using a new automation platform, you'll need to identify resources, determine goals and allocate responsibilities - all of these play an important role in deploying your software.
You may need help if you don’t have a marketing team that’s familiar with HubSpot to do the onboarding.


What Is In Our Onboarding Service?

Getting you onboarded on HubSpot involves importing contacts, setting up lists, producing email templates, integrating social pages, creating automation workflows, preparing reporting dashboards and more. The solution involved will depend on which HubSpot Software you are using together with your HubSpot CRM. View a sample onboarding plan for HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub here.


Reap The Benefits Of Onboarding In 3 Months

We don't take your commitment to HubSpot lightly. We'll invest enough time to make you comfortable using HubSpot.
After 3 months, we would have launched campaigns with you, provided you with dashboards and created content templates for future campaigns.


How much does it cost?

Our HubSpot Onboarding Service starts from $4,200 and will scale based on what HubSpot Software (e.g. Marketing Hub Professional, Sales Hub) you want integrated with your CRM. As a HubSpot certified Agency, our price matches those charged by HubSpot. Note: the onboarding cost excludes the software and licensing fees - these are charged separately by HubSpot.

For more detailed pricing based on the needs of your project, let’s schedule a chat.



You Can Onboard With HubSpot Directly Too, But As A HubSpot Partner - We’re More Accessible!

We see the local context. We know HubSpot enough to make it simple for you. 
And we jump into the trenches to make HubSpot work for your business. 
Plus, our partnership and volume of accounts done with HubSpot allows us to negotiate for you customised HubSpot plans and pricing

If you prefer to go to HubSpot directly, they will arrange online calls for you with a representative, and plan out tasks between each call for you to implement. It’s your choice!


Client Testimonials

quoteI have worked with clickTRUE for over a decade with my projects across different markets in Asia including, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. I continued to do so as they have proven that they are able to deliver with tremendous efficiency and very solid ROIs. That clearly demonstrates the constant value that they're delivering to our organization. This is very much a key aspect as a busy business manager, as you do not waste time with trial and errors.quote

Mandy Wong,
Singapore Press Holdings Ltd

quoteclickTRUE is a very result oriented marketing partner which helps us to achieve business goals. They provide practical solutions through a structured and logical methodology. A smart marketing partner for any revenue driven business.quote

Daren Kang,
Deputy Director and
Head of Marketing & Sales,
Nanyang Business School, NTU

quoteUsing clickTRUE to gain visitors to our website and then converting them professionally into our customers. Experienced advice and follow ups by clickTRUE team has increased our sales leads and conversions efficiently. Increase revenue while saving us time and manpower in the process for traditional business like us.quote

Hwee Yew Neo,
AAP Asia Apparel Sdn Bhd


Ready To Talk About Your HubSpot CRM Onboarding Needs?

Other Questions?

How soon can you start the HubSpot Onboarding process?

Typically, 2-4 weeks upon signing and receiving the important inputs. It also depends on how quickly you need to get going. Let us know your deadlines and timeframes! We'll include that into our planning to help you meet your goals.

Who needs to be involved in onboarding?

All who will be using HubSpot should be involved, include roles like sales people, marketers, customer service teams, operation managers and business owners. From our end, you'll be guided by our friendly strategist, inbound-marketing consultants, martech specialist and developer.

Does HubSpot Onboarding include training for my team?

Definitely! Training is included to ensure that your team is comfortable to use HubSpot as part of their daily operations.

How often does your team meet with ours?

During onboarding, we usually meet once or twice a week (face-to-face or remote). We can ramp up this frequency to provide closer hand-holding for your team

What industries do you serve?

We work with clients from across industries such as B2B, manufacturing, enterprise software, higher education, and financial services.

Can I mix and match your HubSpot Onboarding package to include other marketing services?

Of course! We will be happy to discuss a flexible service plan for your marketing needs on top of getting you onboard HubSpot.

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