Need to convince your stakeholders?
Video marketing is the perfect medium to bring highly complex products or services to life. Showing rather than telling is psychologically proven to demonstrate a point in a faster and more compelling manner.



Create Videos that Develop Trust

Inbound Marketing Principles guide our video production. We believe that helping people buy is the best way to sell. With that in mind, we spend a great deal of time uncovering your buyer persona's interests, challenges and buyer’s journey. The outcome is impactful videos engineered to develop trust in your brand.

Create Videos that Develop Trust


But First, Where Are Your Prospects on Their Buyer's Journey?

Your purpose is to help them move through their journey smoothly by providing helpful content at every stages.
Never to hard sell or be pushy when they are not ready to buy.

Where are your prospects on their buyer's journey?

Choose the Duration and Function Based on Your Goal


Get a clear message across through a thumb-stopping ad.


Short enough to strike a 'wow' factor, long enough to provide a context.


Take the viewer on a journey, as you unfold your story.

Roll Out Your Videos in 2 Weeks

A short video will take approximately 2 weeks to complete, while a long video may take up to a month.

Roll Out Your Videos in 2 Weeks

To ensure that we deliver your video on time, we will work with you at important check points (days 4, 5, 9) to maximise impact, effort and time to market relevant to hitting your goals - scriptwriting, storyboarding and final video delivery.


Evaluate Your KPIs, Elevate Future Performances

Choosing between brand awareness and website traffic? Once you know what goals you want to hit, you’ll know the right KPI that you should be tracking.

Our report will show you the engagement rate, rate of play, view count, click-through, shares and video conversion rates  all you need to know to propel your video marketing efforts to greater heights.

Evaluate your KPIs


5 Types of Videos That You Will Need

Take a look at some of our work in the various video categories that your business need for today's marketing challenges. Which video category fits your current need? Enjoy the video reel.

Experiential Brand Videos / Corporate Branding

Schneider Electric - Field Services, Singapore
A Day's Class in Nanyang MBA

Event Highlights

Poh Heng 70th Anniversary Event
NUS SDE4 Launch with DPM Heng Swee Keat


SDE 4 Interview Snippet with Eugene Seah
NBS - My Affinity to Nanyang Business School

Customer Success Videos

Schneider Electric - Partnership with Marina Bay Sands
Schneider Electric - Capri by Fraser

Product Promotions

Schneider Electric - AvatarON
Read with ST - Pins and Papers

How Do You Charge?

Our minimum video production engagement starts at $5,000. However, with every project being very different, we can’t provide a ballpark estimate without the details. Chat us up on your wants and needs — we can then give you a better idea of the scope, cost, effort and schedule of your project.

Ready to talk about your Video Marketing needs?

Other Questions as asked by our clients

What if my spokesperson has never been on camera before?

Of course, not everyone is 100% comfortable on camera. We work with our clients to ensure that the selected talent is presentable (looks), eloquent (voice) and confident (presence). Every featured cast will be given time to be familiar with the script and storyboard. On the actual shoot, our experienced team will help the cast to appear natural on camera.

What if I don’t have my own YouTube page?

You do not need to have a YouTube page to start your video marketing campaign. 

Videos work great for marketing campaigns when embedded on landing pages, social media, or simply as standalone ads in Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube. See it as another form of content asset that will complement your sales or marketing pitch.

Based on your experience with Higher Education campaigns, what’s a good video marketing strategy?

According to LinkedIn's research, 7 out of 10 Higher Education seekers shortlist their preferred school before even reaching out to any school's representatives. This is where videos can play a big role to engage, connect, build trust and drive students to choose you.

At the Awareness stage, your videos will shape their first impression by highlighting the vision, reputation, and ranking of your school . This will give them the confidence to trust you, and the value that you can readily provide (eg: campus tour and career advice). 

At the Consideration stage, as prospects are actively conducting their research, industry-relevant content like your school’s collaboration with industry partners and your students' campus experience will answer the questions they have in mind.

Near the end of the Decision journey, when prospects are narrowing down their choices,  videos of interviews with faculty members and alumni can provide that final nudge.

How does video marketing help in SEO?

Forrester Research reports that it's 53 times easier to rank a video in Google’s search results, in comparison to other forms of content. In fact, videos will become even more search engine friendly due to an increase in closed captioning. Most native video channels default to having the sound turned off. Thus, we understand the importance of transcribing audio to create closed captions for native videos, to make them more searchable. Google’s algorithms are increasingly prioritizing websites with video as well.

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