You are reading this because your website is not showing up well on Google Search - and your competitors are!
As the head of marketing or business leader of an organisation, you need to do something before you lose more market share. Your sales cycle is long (6-12 months or longer), what you sell is complex, and your buyers do not know you.
You have heard enough about Search Engine Optimisation to know you should do it.
However, to get some straight answers is harder than imagined. 
Our goal is to help you navigate how to do SEO - with Inbound Marketing.


Almost every SEO agency looks the same. What makes you different?

We see SEO as part of your overarching digital marketing strategy. 
We have taken SEO and combined it with our core practice of Inbound Marketing. Rather than focusing only on the technical aspects of SEO, we do what helps your business.

Our partnership with AUN Global Marketing, an SEO specialist agency, also ensures we can tap on their track record (19 years worth) to deliver an SEO approach that can handle the dynamic changes in search engine algorithms. 


Guaranteed results after 3-6 months? What ROI can I expect?

No one can technically guarantee improvements in keyword rankings. Our focus is to drive ROI with increases in organic traffic from better rankings and reductions in cost per lead as well as higher quality leads.  SEO done well along your Paid Search & Social Ads leads to growth in brand visibility and sales opportunities.

Get visibility of what to expect in 3-6 months after we perform the initial Foundational SEO Audit. You can then decide whether to engage us on a longer-term basis.


Integrating SEO into Content Marketing

We start with technical on-page SEO to build up the foundation for the content on your site. Expect to see quick wins if your site hasn't been audited or tuned for the last two years. 

Doing a content audit will then identify gaps and opportunities for us to work on content relevant to the keywords you need. SEO and content marketing continue to drive visibility. To win, brands need to focus more on optimized, personalized , credible and compelling content experiences. Quality beats quantity always.



Get Link Building Done Properly

Our specialist partner only works with reputable third party publishers for strategic link building. We will report on the total links established, and we will recommend tools to track the names and URLs of the backlinks built. Review for yourself the authenticity of our link building efforts.



An SEO Service that Drives Results In 4 Phases

ct-seo-icon-one-time  Foundational SEO Audit (One-time)

Phase 1:

We start by developing a deep understanding of who your audience is, what problems they are trying to solve (intent), and what keywords they use to search for answers:

  • List relevant topics
  • Fill topic list with targeted keywords
  • Identify related search terms
  • Diversify list with short, general keywords and long-tail keywords
  • Conduct an SEO competitor analysis
  • Narrow down keyword list using SEO tools

Phase 2:
On-Page SEO Audit

We audit your website structure to identify technical friction that will reduce your SEO ranking. We analyse your website content to map relevant content to the keywords and identify any content gap or opportunities. The output is an SEO Recommendation document to be implemented by your website team or vendor:

  • Desktop/mobile web crawl ability
  • Site load speed
  • Current SEO trend vs current website settings
  • Keyword density check
  • Current Onsite SEO health level check
  • Current SEO Ranking Position check

Phase 3:
On-Page Optimisation

Your website team or vendor implements the SEO recommendations covering:

  • The URL
  • Meta Title, Description
  • Header, Canonical
  • Check for duplicate content, robots txt, local schema, language tag, image size
  • Content quality
  • Rich snippets
  • XML sitemap 

ct-seo-icon-loop  SEO Retainer (On-going)

Phase 4:
Off-Page Optimisation

With the foundation done, we proceed with on-going SEO work. This mainly involves off-page activities (meaning work done outside your website) like:

  • Link building campaigns
  • Existing backlink profile analysis
  • Identify and disavowing toxic backlinks
  • Offsite optimisation which may include guest blogging, social media marketing, PR and reputation management

If there are search algorithm changes or website changes that adversely affects the SEO (eg. sitemap), on-page elements will need to be optimised to maintain organic rankings. This can involve revisiting the Foundational SEO Audit stage.


How much does it cost?

The initial Foundational SEO Audit costs $4,000 for the first 20 pages of your site. Subsequent pages will cost $100/page. The findings of the Audit will give you insights into the state of your current website.

You can then decide whether to continue with the on-going SEO Retainer which starts from $5,400/month based on 30 keywords and 1 search engine country.

For more detailed pricing based on the needs of your project, let’s schedule a chat.


Your Trust is our most valued Asset

quoteclickTRUE balances well our stakeholders’ business goals with the needs of the audience. It is hard to come across a team with such a depth of experience, both strategically and technically. For one of our new initiatives targeting SMEs, they got us onto page one ranking in less than 6 months. I'm looking forward to growing our relationship with clickTRUE and am excited to continue to learn from their team!quote

Jacqueline Goh,
Marketing Manager
Schneider Electric SG

quoteCorporations invested millions of dollars to improve their products’ search online but still could not outwit the unpredictable SEO algorithms.  We are glad to find the right partner to improve our SEO capability which ultimately enhances our customers’ search experience.quote

Daren Kang,
Deputy Director and
Head of Marketing & Sales,
Nanyang Business School, NTU

quoteWe have engaged clickTRUE's retainer service for a while now. Over the years, they have repeatedly demonstrated their digital thought leadership by helping us design and execute campaigns that not only get us leads, but proven to convert to revenue for the business. Our team has also benefited greatly from their regular engagements.quote

Yew Seng Loh,
Executive Vice President
Singapore Press Holdings


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Other Questions?

After furnishing your On-Page SEO audit report, what if my current website team or vendor isn’t able to implement the recommendations?

Technical On-page SEO work requires making changes to the website for the audit recommendations to work. Explain to your management the importance of getting the access and resources to make these changes.

Will your On-Page SEO audit include recommendations on what content to produce - the topics or headlines particularly?

On-Page SEO audit is a one-time effort focused on fine-tuning the technical foundation and your existing content. The ongoing SEO retainer is where we would develop a content strategy and recommend new content to produce, including topic/headline recommendations. A major algorithm change may happen at Google's discretion. Should that happen, another round of SEO audit is necessary to make sure that your website is tuned correctly based on the current algorithm trend, hence minimising the impact on your organic rankings.

We have a PR company and an internal team that generates content regularly. Will your retainer service include title copywriting to include the relevant keywords?

Yes, the retainer work can include content research, creating new or repurposing existing content to include relevant keywords.

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